Friday, March 07, 2014

florzinha de cujá tattoo

Just wanted to share this lovely tattoo that I did for the gorgeous Rafaella Fedrigo, a photographer based in Toronto, Canada.  I love how it turned out so very much.  It means "passion fruit flower" in Portuguese- so darling!  Check out her new website, too- I worked on her logo and think it turned out so beautifully.   


Jess said...

Hi, do you take commissions for doing calligraphy for tattoo's? As i love the ones you have done ^_^

Jess said...

O i forgot to put my email it is: if you could let me know that would be great ^_^ Thank you!

The Pampered Sparrow said...

Oh my goodness I have been searching for the perfect lettering for over a year, for my first tattoo! I think I may have found it! ;)
I would love to commission you for a short two word phrase if possible?
I would be eternally grateful if you would contact me, if you are interested?!
My email is:
I'm in the UK.
Thank you so much -G- xx