Friday, January 23, 2009

Personalized Valentines from Hello Handmade!

Oh, I'm just so excited to introduce this project! For Valentine's Day, Shanna and I are offering personalized valentines; Shanna illustrated and designed the letterpressed cards depicting a sweet pair of enamored foxes, and my part of the project is inscribing the love note on the back! We love this project and think it is so unique and different from anything out there. Check out our shop and the details here! Send one to your sweetie!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wedding at Blue Hill Farm

When Nick and I were in New York last summer, we were so happy to be able to meet two of my clients for a lovely little dinner. I was thrilled to see their wedding featured in New York Magazine! It took place on Blue Hill Farm, an amazing looking venue for a wedding. And don't you just love her dress?!

Via Frolic

Painstakingly Opaque...

Here are some lovely gray envelopes I just completed for a bride across the country...opaque or lined envelopes always take much longer because of the necessity of hand-ruling each one and then erasing the line once the ink dries --thus the extra charge per envelope! Result? A perfectly straight address.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet Monograms

These little monogram cards were commissioned by a friend for a Christmas gift, but I can't help but think how sweet they would be as a bridesmaid's gift or a surprise for a newly married couple. Monograms always seem so sweetly old-fashioned to me. Don't you think? Such a tangible symbol of the joining of two names and lives....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Amazing Tartine Bakery

One of my absolute favorite parts of being in San Francisco last week was visiting the amazing bakery, Tartine. I have had the Tartine cookbook for about a year, and have loved all the recipes I have tried, including the addicting crackers pictured below, but nothing could have prepared me for the amazingness of visiting it in person.
We had to wait in a line outside for quite a while before we got in the door, and by the time we got to the counter to order, we had to make decisions extremely quickly, and unfortunately, we got overwhelmed and went a little crazy, as you can see from the top photo, ordering a banana cream tart, a slice of quiche, an eclair filled with vanilla custard, a chocolate croissant, meringue cookies with cocoa nibs, coconut macaroons, iced was so lusciously decadent. The atmosphere was bustling and friendly, the decor was rustic and a little indie, all at the same time. It was a perfectly appropriate way to eat on the final day of 2008, with resolutions for much healthier consumption in the new year making up most of our conversation for the next hour. It was so worth it.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Pacific Coast Highway...

Nick and I had an absolutely amazing trip up the Pacific Coast Highway over the last week. What a beautiful way to start the new year...Happy New Year, everyone!