Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines and some news.

Hello there! I am so thrilled to post about Hello Handmade's third annual custom valentines! This year, our 5 x 7 Laurel Valentines feature an off-set printed, ribboned laurel illustration by Shanna on the front, with room for a custom monogram or initials, and then a custom message inside, a personalized inner envelope sealed with black wax, and then an eggplant-colored outer envelope, addressed in white, hand-mixed gouache, and finished off with three vintage stamps. The valentines will be available in three different styles of lettering, so be sure to check them all out.
This project is especially meaningful this year, as it is the last project for Shanna and I for our little Hello Handmade. We've each decided to each focus on our growing, individual businesses, as they demand our full attention these days. We've both got some exciting projects in the works to share with you soon! It has been such a pleasure sharing our collaborative projects with you over the past three years, and though it is sad to shutter our shop, it is the right decision. It is time.
The journey of creating and bringing Hello Handmade to life has been a wonderful experience, and the bonds of friendship Shanna and I have forged will always remain, something I am so grateful for. Here's to you, Shanna, and the magical beauty we've created together over the past three years! xox

(Photographs by Shanna)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

greener grass...

I've been realizing more and more lately that I have an issue with contentment, and it tends to lead to feelings of restlessness; not appreciating the wonderful circumstances and situations I am surrounded by everyday. One of my goals for the new year is to appreciate being "in the moment," as cheeseball as that sounds, and one of the things I want to specifically work on is loving- really relishing- where I live. Living (and growing up) in Tucson, sometimes I get really antsy to live somewhere, well, greener, with seasons, and tree-lined streets, and fields of grass everywhere. But I forget how much beauty is right here, in my own city, in my own state- in our own little corner of the West.
The grass is always greener
. This has a new meaning for me, as I try to train my thoughts to deliberately appreciate where I am right now, in the physical sense and in every other sense of the word. Nick and I plan to take some "local adventures" this year, exploring the beauty of the West as much as we are able. I'll be sure to report back!

Sunday, January 09, 2011


I normally try to keep the content of this blog fairly light and frivolous, but tonight my heart is heavy. Please pray for all of the people injured and for all of the families of the people who died in Saturday's terrible shooting here in Tucson. It is so difficult to fathom why something like this happened. The scene above (photo taken from the New York Times) is in front of Gabrielle Gifford's office, literally a two minute drive from our home. Please keep the city of Tucson in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to reel from this horrific event.