Sunday, January 09, 2011


I normally try to keep the content of this blog fairly light and frivolous, but tonight my heart is heavy. Please pray for all of the people injured and for all of the families of the people who died in Saturday's terrible shooting here in Tucson. It is so difficult to fathom why something like this happened. The scene above (photo taken from the New York Times) is in front of Gabrielle Gifford's office, literally a two minute drive from our home. Please keep the city of Tucson in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to reel from this horrific event.


chelsea said...

Thanks for this post, Betsy. It's been hard to get this off my mind.

becca ann said...

thanks for this. i am praying for them.

Grober said...

The whole country is praying for your city - so sad, so tragic.