Friday, November 08, 2013

Love Love tattoo.

Just wanted to share this tattoo that I worked on for a lovely lady named Debbie.  The dates indicate her son's birthday and her wedding anniversary.  I love how the script turned out, and especially love the picture of her holding her son's hand.  Enjoy!


Janine Schluter said...


Hope you recieve this comment. I've been searching for hours and hours on, trying to find something remotely similar as your handwriting (I failed!) and then I googled "Lucy & Orla" & found your blog!
So first: my compliments! Your handwriting is the BEST!
As you can guess, I'm busy designing my tattoo. It's a special one, just one word, and want it to be perfect. Is it possible you can write/design it for me? If yes, maybe you can e-mail me a reply? My e-mail: I can tell you the story behind it if you like and can explain how I a have my tattoo in mind.
Would love to hear from you! Payment is entirely okay offcourse!
(The Netherlands)

Janine Schluter said...

Hello Betsy! I saw your reaction by e-mail (made me very happy!) and replied yesterday! Just letting you know here, because I saw an automatic reply about the volume of received emails. Hope my reply doesnt get lost :-)
Love to hear from you!

Unknown said...

Hello Betsy,
I really love your work!!
You have a very beautiful writing!
I would like to have the names of my daughters Lani & Malou tatooed. Please let me know if you are interested. All the best from Germany. Jon mail:

Alyssa Balzotti said...

well it seems this is the best way to contact you based on the other requests each time you post one of the breathtaking tattoos ... I would love to jump in line for a design - my email:

Thanks! Alyssa.

anislandlife said...

I would love for you to design a tattoo for me! Can you email me at jlkeehn3 at hotmail .com to let me know if you could do this for me? Thanks! Beautiful work! Jessica

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