Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ducks in a row...

Happy New Year! It has been a while since I've posted, my excuse being the whir of the holiday season as it flew past! But I'm back, and ready to jump into a whole new year (decade, while we're at it!). How about you?
My parents generously helped us buy and install a dishwasher this Christmas, which has been the most wonderful gift ever. It has given us the gift of hours more time during the week to spend on other things besides dishes, and since it displaced the only drawers in our kitchen, it has kicked off a whole-house organizational spree. People always talk about "spring cleaning," but I think the dawn of a new year is the most perfect and fitting season to really make huge, cleansing changes in lots of areas- house and home, priorities, attitudes, etc. It feels good, doesn't it? Here's to the freshness and hope of a brand new January!

Image from Toast by Post.

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Kali said...

I have been searching and searching for font for a tattoo that my sister and i have been waiting to get for 3 years because nothing has looked "just right" When I came across your blog i saw this and I knew it was perfect. Are you available for another tattoo??