Thursday, June 13, 2013


Howdy there! I can't even believe it has been eight months since I've checked in here- see the photo above, if you are wondering why I've been so quiet- taking care of this little one gobbles up most of my time. And its my favorite thing I've ever done in my life! That hair! Can't even count the number of times a day I run my fingers through it, and will it to stay whisper-soft and baby-like and sticking-straight-up-ish forever. 

The transition to motherhood has been such a sweet and amazing time for me. I get emotional trying to even grasp at words to describe it. I know everyone always says this, and I never could have understood it until he arrived- the depth of love I feel for him is so incredible and overwhelming there is no way I could have anticipated it. It is almost as if it starts to touch everything in its vicinity, like a spreading vine with little tendrils. I'm so awed and honored to be Silas' mama. Our family is so blessed. 

And I'm still working on calligraphy.  And loving it.  Just fitting it into naptime and bedtime and whatever other time I can squeeze out of the day. I've been working on lots of tattoos and hope to be able to start sharing more work soon in this space.  I also have an exciting little collaboration with Kathryn from Blackbird Letterpress which I am thrilled to share with you super soon.

I hope you are well, too, friends! Tell me how you have been. xo


OasisDawn said...

Definitely love this! :) Love you all! ~Oasis
P.S. I adore his hair!

Anonymous said...

Definitely love this! :) Love you all! ~Oasis
P.S. I adore his hair!

Miss Emma Jude said...

Betsy! I am getting a tattoo tomorrow and would love your help with the calligraphy. I know it's short notice but if you happen to see this, it's a sign.

My address is


Emma from South Africa

Remilla said...

I can totally relate! I'm a freelance graphic designer and new mommy so I understand the precious work time you have during naps. But no doubt, motherhood is the best! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! You're on mat leave! I did some serious research & cannot believe I found you! :) my daughter was born nov 11 so our kiddlets r nearly the same age. Congrats! So as for my total selfishness and why I'm "AHHH-ing" in the beginning of my message is that I am
In need of your skills. I want to tattoo my girls' name on my arms and I will so very patiently wait till forever to have yours and only your script skills! Pls contact me whenever you may be available again :) ... And I don't mind harassing you again in the new year if that's the best time to get a hold of you after your mat leave is up! =p . Your art is amazing! Thanks for posting!

My contact is :) (incase)

Thanks Betsy!!

-jade k

Anonymous said...

^^^ditto to those above me, if you're still taking tattoo requests, please email me!!

Anonymous said...

Hello I am a friend of Francis's I'm wondering if you have time to design a type tattoo for me?

Anonymous said...

Hey! How are you?
I love this!
I'm getting a tattoo too and would love your help with the calligraphy.

Can it be possible?

this is the phrase : Deus solus me iludicare potest

and my email

Thank you

Rafael, Brazil

Anonymous said...

Dear Betsy,

I'm also looking to get a tattoo. If you are willing to help me out, please e-mail me at:

Greetings from Holland!

Unknown said...

hi there! i hope this is the right place to leave a message for you! i was browsing around with fonts and tattoos and came acroos the "lucy and oral" tattoo you did a few years back. I wanted to know the font name but realized that perhaps you came up with it on your own. Im looking into getting a tattoo that says "wanderlust" on my ribcage. I was hoping perhaps you could come up with something in a similar font to the "Lucy and Orla" tattoo. I am sooo smitten with the font you created its absolutely beautiful. There is no rush at all. If you cant do i understand. I dont plan on getting the tattoo until March 2014, so please if you get a chance it would be really appreciated.


Vicky Vu