Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Clementine and Hello!

It has been forever since I've hopped on this blog; life has been too busy for me to keep up! I will try to post more often this coming year. I have so much I want to share, and need to carve the time out to accomplish it.
I hope you are having a merry season so far. Today has been a beautiful, wintery, rainy day in Tucson. Puts me in the Christmas spirit!
I just wanted to share this photo of some totebags from the darling Vermont shop called Clementine. I did the lettering for their logo, and love how it turned out. It looks so charming on the bags! Check out Emily's blog here. Wish I lived in Vermont so I could stop in!

Photo from the Clementine blog.


Anonymous said...

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vikkic said...

OMG! I bought my typewriter from this shop last summer. It's across the lake from my summer place... It's an adorable store and I love what yo idid for them!!
AZ winter
NY summer