Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ski trail signs....

As I walked out of the room the other night after working on these table tents, I thought they looked really awesome upside-down....just thought I'd post them here, as I fail to blog about 90% of the projects I am working on. Got to get better at that- it is so fun to simply share what's going on!
These table tents all had names of ski trails from Stowe Mountain in Vermont. I actually really adore doing table cards, as it is refreshing to work in a slightly larger scale than normal. Very slow process, very relaxing.


Anonymous said...

Please do show us what you're working on! It is all so lovely!

HAGEBUTTE MonisMoniKate said...

Dear B.!
I love, love, love the way you write!!! Is this your real profession?

Regards from Germany!

Dana said...

Betsy- I love to see all your beautiful projects. The Lord has truly gifted you! Thanks for posting them.

Melissa said...

You are so incredibly talented, Betsy! I love seeing all of your updates. Keep them coming, please!

Tung said...

this looks amazing!

Karen Mattiazzo said...

Omg your handwriting is sososo beautiful!!
so I was wondering..
if you could write my tattoo for me!

Im posting my URL, if you pleease be so kind answering me in my ask box 'ask me anything'?

Im Karen btw :)