Tuesday, October 06, 2009

So sad.

I was so disappointed to learn yesterday that Gourmet magazine will be closing its doors after nearly 70 years in print. This is my favorite magazine by far, and I will sorely miss it. Nick was asking what the big deal was since all of the recipes can still be found online at Epicurious, and he has a point, but I told him there is just something so satisfying about flipping through an issue, getting inspired, trotting to the kitchen with the recipe, and getting the pages all splattered with the evidence of a meal prepared with love. I'll take actual, tangible cookbooks and glossy issues of Gourmet any day over a recipe I have to print out on computer paper in the office.


katie lynn said...

Betsy I am so sad to hear about Gourmet! My days were always that much brighter when I opened the mailbox to my newest Gourmet! They were by far my favorite subscription and it will not be the same!!

HM Baker said...

Nooooooooo. I did not know this and am so so sad. The world is changing and I suppose it is so much harder for printed publications to make it in this economy and culture.... I feel I should make a pie or some other culinary treat with a touch of solemnity.