Tuesday, June 02, 2009

M and P

I recently scribed the envelopes for invitations being sent out by Madeline and Pedro, and wanted to post a few pictures here. I think their suite turned out lovely; the invitation calligraphy was done by Bernard Maisner, which didn't hurt in the glamour department. I think that not having exactly matching scripts ended up looking really fresh. I loved it.
Every detail was crisp and exquisite, down to the white, beveled edges of the pieces.
And last but not least, here is Sebastian, trying his hardest to sabotage my little photo shoot. At least he looks great with the colors of the suite.


chris dunlap said...

Sebastian looks so handsome!
The invitaions are so amazing, weddings surely have changed in 38 years......So Beautiful!
mom d.

Anonymous said...

what pen do you use on these??
i like drawing on kraft paper for fun!!

Helen Lewis said...

The ink that you used on these envelopes is gorgeous. Is it actually an ink, and if so, what type and shade? Or is it guache? Of course, your calligraphy is gorgeous, also. Love this color combo.

B Dunlap said...

Mom Dunlap- I'm so glad you like the suite! And I agree- Sebastian does look really handsome.

And Helen, it is just gouache, yes. Thanks for your sweet comment. :)

Courtney, I use a pointed, split metal nib. Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Paganelli said...


Anonymous said...


Your work stands out - unique and beautiful!

What brand of nib do you use??

vrgdesign said...

me encanta, es precioso..
I love, is beautiful typography