Friday, November 21, 2008

kettles and slippers....

So shopping for a new tea kettle last week, Nick and I discovered that apparently we are total kettle snobs. Anyway, one long winding drive around town later, we scooped up this lovely Le Creuset and have been drinking tea like crazy, trying to pretend that it is actually below 70 degrees out during the day. (It's sadly not.)
I know it is totally dorky to blog about tea kettles and tea, but while we're on the subject I had to blather on about my favorite tea in the world for just one minute. I first had this tea that summer I spent in Austria, and it is just the best ever. Ever. It was sold at this shop down the street from where I was staying, but happily I discovered that I could buy it online when I got back home! It's the simple pleasures in life that make it sweet, yes?
I've also been wearing these cheery new slippers to try to coax the Tucson weather to turn chilly. No luck yet. Still watering the garden in a tank top. Any other Tucsonans inpatient for cozy weather?!


Ryan J said...

I prefer the heat!

Anonymous said...

I long to be able to snuggle under the covers and not get hot. Summer impedes affection.

Lis Richards said...

Cute slippers. I wish summer could be like the weather today 75 F, and winter could be really cold.When finally winter gets cold, I will celebrate with Brazilian cappuccino.
I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Anonymous said...

I am a tea freak too! My sis always brings back the best tea from Austria. This one sounds delish.

Merry Christmas, Betsy!

B Dunlap said...'re so wrong. As usual.

Kristi....totally agree. Well put.

Lis...what is a Brazilian cappuccino?! Sounds dangerous!

Chelsea! Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Kate said...

I just stumbled across your blog and i love it! I just thought I would mention that i actually have that exact same tea in my apartment right now. They have a store in Chicago and it is amazing! If you are ever in the area check it out! It is the only one in the U.S. I am currently living in San francisco as well (crazy coincidence) and am planning on checking out tartine next time we are over there for church.

B Dunlap said...

Kate- thanks so much for stopping by! Oh, I can't even believe you have that same tea! Isn't it the best? Oh, and you MUST stop by Tartine. You will be instantly addicted. I am so jealous you live in San Francisco and can go there whenever you would like. Enjoy it!