Thursday, October 30, 2008

The lovely "Tante Lore"

My close friend's grandmother recently passed away, and I wanted to post these photos as a tribute to her; I spent a summer with her in Austria a couple of years ago. It was such a lovely trip, and she was such an amazing lady. We will miss you, Tante Lore! I spent half the time with her in Vienna, and the other half on the farm that my friend's aunt and uncle own, in Rappoltenkirchen- a little village about 30 minutes outside of Vienna.
This is a shot of Tante Lore's house taken from the courtyard below, where I often sat and read and painted.
These were photos taken as I traveled across Austira with my friend's aunt and uncle.
A quiet little spot on the farm, in a corner of the vegetable garden.
A beautiful sky on the last night I was there. (I almost missed my flight home, thinking I had an extra day.....when I discovered I was leaving at 5:00AM the next morning, I ran manically around the farm, taking pictures like a madwoman!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a lovely tribute. She is so missed.

Daniela Skrein said...

When you are back in Austria, please say hello! I am in Vienna. And I love your work!! Looking at your site is like diving into a lake with goggles, looking at the ground, coming up for air only to go back because there is so much to seeee!

Thank you!