Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Maggie May

Here is a picture of my family's dog, Maggie, when she was just a pup. My sisters and I grew up with her and she is present in so many of our childhood memories. She loved eating all our "little girl" items, like our tubes of Lipsmacker chapstick, and our lacy little socks. And when I say "eat," I truly mean eat. She would just swallow them whole!
My parents had to have her put to sleep on Monday afternoon; she was almost 17 years old, and not doing well at all. I was lucky enough to be able to say goodbye to her that morning. We all loved her so very much and will miss her so greatly. It is so hard to say goodbye to beloved pets. We love you, Maggie!


Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

How sad! I know that they are dogs, but they do become a big part of the family. I'm glad you had the opportunity to say goodbye.
Take care. Vivi

Dana said...

My heart goes out to you. Putting a pet to sleep is so hard- especially when you have had them so long. Matt and I have already put two cats to sleep since we have been married. I like to think they are purring by the throne!

B Dunlap said...

Thanks, guys! I appreciate your words. I sure do miss her. That makes me sad about your cats, Dana! Are your other cats with you in Ireland?

Dana said...

Yeah- we had them flown over in January. They were tramatized from the plane ride and the umptine hours in thier carriers but they recovered. It's so good to have them back!

Bonnie said...

Anyone who has been owned by a pet can understand the depths of your feeling at Maggie May's passing. She was surely glad to have been loved by you.