Thursday, December 06, 2007

Eating Out in New York

Here is a photo (taken from the website) of Lupa, the restaurant where Nick and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner while we were in New York. It made me want to try to do a traditional Italian dinner once a month....with several courses and dessert wines, etc. We'll see if it actually happens with our busy schedules!

Some of our other favorites were:

Corner Bistro, in the West Village area, which had amazing burgers and Stella Atrois, one of my favorite beers,

Sarabeth's, an excellent restaurant/ bakery where we also ate on our engagement trip,

Kitchenette, a little bakery that Katie and I stumbled upon on our trip the week before. I took Nick back to it because I loved it so very much!

We had such an excellent time on our trip, and I will try to post some of our own photos later!

(All photos in this post were found online, not taken by me.)

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