Monday, September 26, 2011

Suites for the Sweet.

My little sister is getting married, and I wanted to share these details from her invitation suite. I think they turned out so gorgeous. We had the invites letterpressed with a charcoal gray ink on thick cotton stock. And we decided to use vintage postcards for the RSVP cards, and so she and her fiance started collecting them- mostly images of old churches and cathedrals, but some of gardens and landscapes. We lined all the envelopes with handmade Indian woodblock paper, used vintage stamps for all the envelopes, then sealed them all with an antique gold wax. The best part of the project was spending hours assembling them together- sister memories are the sweetest!
Love you, Katie and James!


  1. These are WONDERFUL!

  2. Thank you so much, Kathryn! They were so much fun to work on! xo

  3. gorgeous!

    I was just looking through some of Clementine's old design materials for the logo and it reminded me to check in with your blog. Every time I see your script I just fall in love all over again. Thank you!!!

  4. Betsy Dunlap, you are the BEST! it just makes me smile to see your work and to see how you lay it out for the photo.....And, what fun to have worked with you sis to put her wedding invites beautiful! We are all BLESSED to have you for our family..
    your MIL !

  5. Gorgeous! What a great idea!

  6. gorgeous!!! i love the color scheme of it all. so beautiful.

  7. L O V E isn't a strong enough word!

  8. Patrick2:58 PM

    Hi Betsy Dunlop,

    I love your work and was wondering whether you could write "Vivre pour mourir heureux" for me in your cool calligraphy style. I found it on this website:

    Thanks in advance for any help! Keep it up,

  9. OMG! where did you find the paper for the liners??? i love them!

  10. beautiful graphics!

  11. Hello !
    I'm french, and i love your calligraphy !
    I would like to know if you can do a calligraphy for my futur tatoo !
    I want to write "Love" and "Family" on my legs.
    Write me please if you're ok.

  12. Alanna6:27 PM

    Where'd the custom seals come from? Love that blue!