Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tribute to Jimmy

I was honored to be able to help Laura commemorate her brother Jimmy's life in tattoo form. He passed away in a car accident earlier this year, and she wanted to have this done as a tribute to him. I think it is beautiful, and I pray it will bring her some measure of comfort every time she looks at it. xo.


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Don't know how I can contact you. But I will try it here. I'm in love with your handwritings and I want to make a new tattoo called "Pages of Life". And it would be an honor, if you can write me these words for my tattoo? The tattoo will be on the crook of the arm. So maybe in a long sentence or on below the other. Hope you can do this for me :) would be great. Cause this will be one of my birthday tattoos in 1 week. Greetings Denise

  2. Hey there, you can contact me at Thanks, Denise!

    1. Idahome@gmx.ch1:23 PM

      I have tried to write you mails, 4 times, but you did never send me any answer..? :(
      I have to try it this way!

  3. Beautiful as always!! Did you ever get a picture of the one you did for me?

  4. No I didn't Christina! You should send me the photo! xo

  5. As I was putting together a style library of fonts that I love for a tattoo, many times I came across samples of your work in various forms of paper work. Never thought to have you actually write the darn thing....

  6. Thanks again Betsy!

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  8. I love your script and this is a beautiful way to use it!

  9. Anonymous1:36 PM


    While I was researching calligraphy I came across your blog and I really fell in love with your work.
    I tried to forget about it and look for something else but nothing did it and I keep coming back to it.

    Let me explain: my mother is ill with an incurable hereditary disease. So I am, myself, currently going through screenings and I will be tested on April 30th of this year. Whatever the results are, I have decided to have a sentence tattooed on my forearm, as a way to always remind me that whatever it is, life is too short anyway and that you have to embrace it to the fullest. Here is the sentence in French "J'ai été invitée à la fête de la vie et j'ai dansé tant que j'ai pu. " Here is its translation in English "I have been invited to the party of life and I have danced as much as I could".

    I would really love if you would accept to write it for me (in French of course) with your beautiful calligraphy. I live in France but there must be a way I could pay for your work via paypal or money transfer, no?

    PLEASE say yes.

    Thank you in advance for an answer even if it is negative.


  10. As i came across your blog i fell in love with your work. I been wanting to get a new tattoo of my daughters name, who has made me appreciate life and realize I can move forward onto better things. I would be honored if you can write her name for my tattoo. Her name is Gianna. Hope you can do this for me. (:

  11. Hey! I plan to have a tattoo, and I think the writing on this in the photo above is absolutely beautiful. I am very happy if you could contact me by mail, if you're interested in making a tattoo template for me. It would be fantastic!
    Best regards Laila A.

  12. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Hi! Is it possible that you could help me write a few words for my tattoo? I'm absolutely in love with your handwriting and I have no idea how to contact you!